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Get involved in Tick for Kids

Share our Party Scorecards:

We've surveyed the Parties on 8 key policy areas for children and young people. Here are the results and hope you'll help us share them with voters everywhere.


Parties were given four options to respond: "yes" "no" "need more evidence" or "skip this question". They were also able to provide more information.  We have included an * on the responses where the additional information is important to understand their response. 

Keen to promote the scorecards on social media?  Check out our Social Media cards

Raise Your Voices Videos

This election Tick for Kids rallied a group of 12 Wellington young people to help us frame our messages to first time voters. Within the group there was Maori, Pasefika, Rainbow youth and youth with disabilities represented. They produced posters, participated in our events, and also created some awesome short videos for us all to share on facebook. Take a look!


Key issues, rationale and questions for candidates election 2023:

Our key messages for each issue and the questions to ask candidates.

Our members collaborated to develop a series of key messages on each of our core issues affecting children and young people: Income and welfare, housing, health and mental health, education, participation and inclusion, and the environment.

This election we hope you'll help us share these key messages with your community, so that all of us are challenging the candidates with questions that force them to focus on what matters the most.

You can also help by:

SOCIAL MEDIA: Joining us on Facebook and following us on Twitter @tick4kids. Don't forget to hashtag! #tick4kids #election2023 Click here.

EVENTS: Holding or participating in, a local Tick for Kids event? See event 'how to' suggestions here. You can also submit your event in the Events section.

TOOLKIT: We made this in 2014 so the key messages and policy asks have shifted considerably. To see the info in our original 2014 toolkit Click here.

SHOUT OUT: Promoting Tick for Kids within your and profession by talking about it, including an item in a newspaper or making a presentation. Click here for key messages.

STAY IN TOUCH: Sign up to the Tick for Kids database here. or share your feedback and comments here.


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