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We're raising children's voices to raise public awareness this election. 

Tick for Kids is a movement designed to engage
candidates every national election in public discussion about what needs to be done to improve life for children and young people in Aotearoa.

We believe it takes good policy to improve children's well-being,
it takes politicians to commit to good policy, it'll take public awareness and discussion when they are candidates, and everyone's vote a tick for kids.  


Tick for Kids Party Scorecards

Tick for Kids asked New Zealand’s main political parties whether they support action on 40 evidence-based policies that the coalition members advocate for children’s and young people’s well-being. See the Scorecards HERE


Raise Your Voices Videos

This election Tick for Kids rallied a group of 12 Wellington young people to help us frame our messages to first time voters. Within the group there was Maori, Pasefika, Rainbow youth and youth with disabilities represented. They produced posters, participated in our events, and also created some awesome short videos for us all to share on facebook. Take a look!


See the Toolkit Resources for Election 2020 here

Raise Your Voices - Poster Resources



We enlisted young people to design some inspirational posters challenging everyone - young or old - to ask the candidates this election how they will improve life for children and young people, should they be elected into government.

A big thank you to Sarah Jane Seddon (18), Zac Naufahu (15) and Emma Blacklock (13) for their unique designs. Why not share them on your social media or print out and pin up somewhere for your whole community to see?

Are you a young person with a RAISE YOUR VOICES design we could use? Please send your poster ideas to this email.



Our members are leading on children's issues with events, campaigns and within the media. Click on our news and blog pages for more content on children and young people:

Tick for Kids is a collective campaign. Not all agencies will agree with all the statements made by other agencies party to the campaign. Agencies reserve the right to make public statements in accordance with their own organisational priorities.


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