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If I take part, then I belong.
Help me connect with my community


A sense of belonging is critical for children and young people’s wellbeing and development, culturally, emotionally, spiritually mentally and physically.

The groups that we're a part of - big and small - help us feel included and give us things to look forward to.  Sadly, more and more groups of New Zealanders miss out all the time from these opportunities due to lack of income, transport options, or limited knowledge of opportunities in their communities, and for some due to State intervention. 

Being involved in our communities is an important way for everyone to belong and increases community cohesiveness.

This election, we encourage all New Zealanders to engage candidates with the following questions, then vote for those that answer YES!

  1. Will your party provide increased funding that community groups can access for events and initiatives that bring children and families together such as through the arts, culture, sports, leisure activities, volunteering or community action?
  2. Will your party continue to support transport policy that reduces the number of cars we have on our roads and makes public transport free for people who need it most, such as children up to 18 years, young people under 25, adults that study fulltime, and those that hold a community services card?
  3. Does your party support a connected New Zealand that would include total internet coverage across Aotearoa, including isolated rural communities, and funding more free connection and devices to achieve more equitable digital access?
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